Gk Questions Asked In UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)

AO Examination 2016
Questions Asked In 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)
Here in this post we are going to share the GK Questions which was
asked in UIIC AO examination on 12th June 2016 (Sunday). We share
both Morning as well as Evening Shift GK Questions with Correct Answer. So
those who are going to appear for this examination in upcoming weeks read these
questions carefully. All the best to all the participating students.
<< GK Questions Asked in the First Shift of Examination
1). In
context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer– Bank Board Bureau
2). Mrinalini
Sarabhia, who recently died, was related to which field
Correct Answer – Indian classical dancer,
choreographer and instructor
3). OECD prediction for India growth
Correct Answer – 7.5%
4). Who has
been selected as the ICC chairman for the 2nd time?
Correct Answer – Anil Kumble
5). Best
Actor National Award 63rd
Correct Answer – Amitabh Bachchan
6). Anti-corruption
Correct Answer – 9 Dec
7). In Basel norms,
what is the full form of HQLA?
Correct Answer – High Quality Liquid Assets
8). MCLR
full form
Correct Answer – Marginal Cost of Funds based
Lending Rate (MCLR)
9). Kaziranga
National Park
Correct Answer – Assam
10). Headquarters
Correct Answer – Hyderabad, Telangana
11). Itlian
Open Winner 
Correct Answer – Andy Murray
12). Basel Head
Correct Answer – Switzerland
13). Why was
SBI Travencore penalised for 1000cr
Correct Answer – For deficiencies in reporting
to the CRILC database
14). ASBA
Correct Answer – Application Supported by
Blocked Amount
15). ICICI
partner with which payment bank
Correct Answer – Finotech
16). Minimum time
frame for short term loans
Correct Answer – 60 days to 120 days
17). Fasalbhima
Yojana SAO full forM
Correct Answer – Seasonal Agricultural
<< GK Questions Asked in Evening Shift >>
1). SBI
Partner with which cab?
Correct Answer – Uber
2). Account
Aggregator to
Correct Answer – NBFC banks
3). Pulitzer
Prize Winner
Correct Answer – The Washington Post
4). In
context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer – Bank Board Bureau
5). Cholamandalam
dropped its plans to float a payments bank
Next Asian
Games 2018 will be held in?
Correct Answer – Jakarta, Indonesia
6). Winner
of Italian Tennis Open
Correct Answer– Serena Williams
7). What is
the rate of Interest in Crop Insurance scheme?
Correct Answer – 7%
8). In BASEL,
what is the full form of CAR
Correct Answer – Capital Adequacy Ratio
9). Which
airport operates on solar energy?
Correct Answer – Cochin Airport
Correct Answer – A new framework for companies
options are NBFCs, private companies, public bank, etc.
11). South
Asian Games in 2018
Correct Answer – Kathmandu, Nepal
12). RBI
Executive Director
Correct Answer – Deepak Singhal
13). BASEL Norms
to be implemented in India by
Correct Answer – March 31, 2019
14). Shatrujeet
exercise concluded in
Correct Answer – Rajasthan
15). Youngest
player to reach 10,000
Correct Answer – Alastair Cook
16). White
label ATM registerd under which act
Correct Answer – Payment and Settlement Systems
(PSS) Act 2007
17). Sri
Lanka PM name
Correct Answer – Ranil Wickremesinghe
18). Academy
award for best movie
Correct Answer – Spotlight
19). Best
Actress award at 63rd National Film Awards 
Correct Answer – Kangana Ranaut
20). National
Science Day
Correct Answer – 28 Feb