25 Basic General Knowledge Questions

One of the important criteria in government job selection process is your general knowledge. You should regularly read the newspaper and other books to power your knowledge.



Here are some of the basic general knowledge question and their answer which can help you to achieve the success.

1. Which is the India™s largest Gurudwara ?

  • Answer: Golden Temple general knowledge questions
  • Description: – Golden Temple is located at Amritsar, Punjab and was built by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ramdaas Sahib ji.

2. In which city was the first mono rail started in India?

  • Answer: Mumbai
  • Description: From 15th April, 2014 mono rail was started in between Chembur and Wadala.

3. Who became the first woman Chief minister of Gujarat on 22 May 2014?

  • Answer: Anandiben Patel
  • Description: Anandiben Mafatbhai Patel is the member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 1987. She is the 15th Chief Minister of state Gujarat.

4. Who was declared as the world™s best soccer player for the year 2012/2013 season by FIFA?



  • Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Description: Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portugal football player and world™s most expensive player.

5. Every year in honour of which Hindu deity the ˜Rath Yatra at puri™ is celebrated?

  • Answer:Jagannath
  • Description: Rath Yatra at is held at Orissa, India which carry™s lord Jagannath in the Rath. It is the oldest and the biggest Rath Yatra in the world.

6. In Common Wealth Games 2014 who won the gold medal in mens™s 50 metre pistol shooting?

  • Answer: Jitu Rai
  • Description: Jitu Rai created Games Record in Commonwealth Games 2014 by scoring 562 points in 50 metre pistol shooting. Also he created another Games Record by scoring 194.1 points in the final.

7. After 64 years which sport returned to Olympics?

  • Answer: Tennis
  • Description: Till 1924 tennis was played in Olympics and in year 1988 tennis returned back to Olympics. There was a issue in between Olympic Committee and the Tennis Federation on allowing the Professional players to compete.

8. Which city is known as the Garden city of India?

  • Answer: Bangalore

9. What is the name of new CEO of Microsoft?

  • Answer: Satya Nadella
  • Description: Satya Nadella was selected as the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft on 4 February, 2014. Before becoming CEO he was the Executive Vice President of Microsoft™s Cloud.

10. Who was the chief guest of republic day parade 2014 of India?

  • Answer: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

11. Which country of the African Continent became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993?

  • Answer: Eritrea
  • Description: -Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. Asmara is the capital of Eritrea.

12. What is the name of the India™s own card payment system that has been dedicated to the nation by President Pranab Mukherjee?

  • Answer: RupayCard
  • Description: Rupay Card was launched on 26th March, 2012 by National Payments Corporation of India. Rupay Card™s competitors are Master Card and Visa Card.

  • 13. Which space organisation has launched carbon observatory-2?
    Answer: NASA

14. Who declared Commonwealth Games 2014 open?

  • Answer: Elizabeth II
  • Description: The British Queen Elizabeth II declared the 20th CommonWealth Games open at Celtic Park, Glasglow.

15. What is the full form of GPRS?

  • Answer: General Packet Radio Service
  • Description: GPRS transfers the data of the wireless communication. GPRS is used for web browsing, sending & receiving email, downloading data etc. GPRS has speed of 115 kilobits per second.

16. Recently which Bollywood celebrity has been selected as the Ambassador of Interpol™s turn back crime campaign?

  • Answer: Shahrukh Khan
  • Description: -Shahrukh Khan is the first Indian actor as the ambassador of the Interpol™s campaign. ˜Turn Back Crime™ is the campaign to promote awareness to avoid crime.

17. Who was the first Muslim president of India?

  • Answer: Dr. Zakhir Hussain
  • Description: -Dr Zakhir Hussain an educationist and intellectual was the 3rd president of India

18.Which Yojana was launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi on 28th August, 2014?

  • Answer: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Description: -Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana scheme provides inbuilt accident insurance cover of Rs 1 Lakh, overdraft facility of Rs 5000 after six months and RuPay Debit Card.

19. Which Indian site has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO recently?

  • Answer: Great Himalayan National Park
  • Description: -Great Himalayan National Park is located at Kullu in state Himachal Pradesh and was declared as world heritage site in June 2014.

20. Which Indian received the first Nobel Prize in Literature?

  • Answer: Rabindra Nath Tagore

21. Who is the current Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

  • Answer: Raghuram Rajan
  • Description: -Raghuram Rajan is the 23rd Governor of Reserve Bank of India selected on 4th September, 2013.

22. Who is the author of the famous book ˜Anandmath™?

  • Answer: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
  • Description: -AnandMath is the famous Bengali novel written by Bankim Chandra in 1882.

23. In India which state or union territory has French as an official language?

  • Answer: Pondicherry
  • Description: Pondicherry has Tamil, French, Telugu, English and Malayalam as the official Language. As French ruled in between 1673 to 1954 a longer time so French is also an official language.

24. Which is the largest city in the world with the largest population?

  • Answer: Tokyo, Japan 38 million population

25. Which is the most expensive city in the world?

  • Answer: Singapore