Build a Successful and Rewarding Career in Fitness Industry

Do you know you can have a great career in fitness industry?

Some 30 years ago there was hardly any recognized fitness industry. However today there is a well defined and structured fitness industry that allows you to pursue a full time career as a fitness trainer.

In this article we talk about why you must have a career in fitness industry and how you can build a career there.

So let us see things in great details.

Career in Fitness

Reasons for Starting a Career in Fitness Industry

There are some solid reasons for getting started in the fitness industry.

A Growing Career with Great Prospects

Careers in fitness industry are the fastest growing careers in the world. It is going to remain so for the next 20 years.

While jobs in other industries plunges and people getting laid off in fitness industry loss of job is very unlikely.

A Chance to Work With Great Clienteles

The best thing being a fitness trainer is that you get to meet or work with high end clients like celebrities, businessmen, sportsmen and even politicians.

You not only make good money but also build a personal relationship with them.

Choose a Specialty that You Like

You can choose a specialty that you like the most. You can be a Yoga instructor or a group fitness instructor or just a personal trainer to someone.

This gives you complete flexibility going with a career that suits you the most.

You Make Money While Helping Others

Finally the money is good and you make it while having fun. You get to help others and do your job happily.

So these were some of the reasons why you must build a career in fitness industry.

Job Description for a Career in Fitness Industry

Although there are many careers in fitness industry but you have to choose any one of them.

Here are some of tasks you have to perform under following job descriptions.

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer you have to constantly monitor your client’s performance.

You also have to instruct the types of workouts and time period your client has to do.

Moreover if your client is having some kind of health problem then you must be able to deal with it.

Group Exercise Instructor

Here you train in groups or batches in different sessions.

You will be motivating and supervising a group of people. You will be doing workout sessions like dance aerobics, zumba dancing, cha-cha-cha, Pilates etc.

Fitness Director

To make it easy for you fitness director is somewhat like HR manager.

Here you will take care of whole gym, supervising dozens of instructors under you.

You will be responsible for the maintenance and replace of machine and equipments in the gym.

Yoga Instructor

As you know yoga instructor has to instruct about Yoga. You must be familiar with all types of Asana (Position/Posture).

Weight and Lifestyle Management Consultant

Here you deal with clients who are overweight and want to lose some of their fat.

You will be designing special regimen and dietary plans for them.

So these were some of the job profiles that you can look out for in the fitness industry.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Fitness Pro

Not everyone can have a career in fitness industry. You must have certain prerequisites before you think of becoming fitness pro.

Initially You Don’t Get Paid

You don’t get paid for the workout. You get paid when you become an instructor and instruct a batch of new students.

So you have to gain some experience before you get paid.

You Are the Final Product

You are not going to get help from anyone else. You have to promote yourself. You must surround yourself around right kind of people.

You must have right contacts so you can find a job as a fitness instructor easily.

A Lot of Patience

You must know that you are not going to get a job the first day. You have to gain some experience and even work without being paid.

So be patient.

How to Build a Career in Fitness Industry

Now let us see how you can build a career in fitness industry from scratch.

Step 1: Get an Associate Degree

If you don’t want to get a bachelor’s degree then you can get an associate degree at least.

Here you study various kind fitness subjects as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise training etc.

For educational qualification you must have completed high school.

Step 2: Become a Certified Trainer

Once you are done with basic education you need to get certified. Certification is very important if you want to become a pro.

You get certified from various associations and organizations depending upon the country you live in.

For certification you have to clear written as well as practical examination. The exam will test your knowledge from areas like physiology to nutrition to exercise training.

When you go for a job the employer will definitely ask for a certification.

Step 3: Start Training and Earn Some Experience

Once you get certified you need to start looking for a job. Do not worry about the salary. Accept a job for whatever they are willing to pay you.

Your first priority must be getting an experience of at least 2 years.

Step 4: Become a Pro

Now you have to start looking out for clients that are willing to hire you.

Later on you can also go for a bachelor’s degree and become a Pro.

So this is how you build a career in fitness industry.