Why Merchant Navy Jobs are a Good Career Option in India

What is Merchant Navy?

Merchant navy is not like our Indian navy because it is non-combatant commercial fleet of ships. Ships could be for cargo and passengers, but mainly for the former one.



Therefore, a young graduate should not confuse merchant navy with Indian navy.

As economy of different countries grows they need raw material to keep it going. And the best way to import as well as export goods is through ships.

Hence, merchant navy jobs will be required by countries for ferrying such a huge amount of goods in and out.

So merchant navy schools around the country invites applications from graduates to join it.

Merchant Navy Jobs



However, before you think of joining merchant navy you should know benefits of this job.

Different Types of Merchant Navy Jobs

Merchant navy is a vast area. There are different types of jobs in merchant navy to choose from.

You have to decide which type of job suits you the best. Some of the job in merchant navy is very demanding and you need to know about them before you apply for it.

So here are some of the different types of merchant navy jobs.

1. Container Ship

Container ships are basically cargo ships that carry their entire load in truck-size intermodal containers, in a technique called containerization. They form a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport.

2. Bulk Careers

A bulk carrier also known as bulker is a merchant ship particularly designed for transporting unpacked bulk cargo, like food grains, coal, crude oil, ore and cement in its cargo hold.

Today™s bulk carriers are designed to maximize their loading capacity, safety, efficiency and hard enough to withstand the tough weather and load.

3. Cruise Ships

A cruise ship or cruise liner is basically a passenger ship that is used for entertainment and long voyages.

Voyages and the ship™s amenities are important part of an experience that is floating 5 start hotels.

Moreover, it takes you to various locations along the way.

Therefore, apart from transportation cruise ships operate mainly on routes that return their passengers to their originating port.

Hence, the ports are located in the specified region of a continent or world.

4. Reefer Ships

Reefer ship is a kind of ship normally designed to ferry perishable goods which require very low temperature for transportation. Goods are mainly meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other edible stuffs.

5. Oil Tankers

An oil tanker or a petroleum tanker is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil.

There are two kinds of oil tankers first is the crude tanker and the second is product tanker.

Crude tankers transport large quantities of unrefined crude oil from point of extraction to various refineries.

Oil tankers are generally much smaller and designed to ferry petrochemicals from refineries to the consuming markets.

Why You Should Join Merchant Navy?

Well! Now I have given an idea what merchant navy is and what are different types of job.

Merchant navy is not like engineering or medical jobs because it is still not very popular among young graduates. But now it is gaining popularity because of certain advantages in this job.

Here are some of them.

Mediocre Educational Qualification

The first great thing about merchant navy is that you need to have mediocre educational qualification.

It means you do not need to have great academic background like in engineering and medical jobs.

If they are asking a graduate then they are not going to demand minimum marks. Just passed is enough.

So if you have less or average educational qualification then also you could apply for merchant navy.

Lucrative Pay Package and Perks

Here is the best thing about merchant navy job and that is its lucrative pay package and other perks with it.

In this your salary is much higher compared to any other type of job. Even an engineer do not make this amount of money like a merchant navy employee makes.

If you know, the salary for a fresh candidate could start from Rs 50,000/- per months to even Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000/- per month.

So there is a lot of money that could be made even if you are young.

Overseas Travelling and Adventure

This job is very adventurous because you will get to travel to different parts of the world. You could travel almost every corner of the world without paying any money from your pocket.

People spend lakhs of rupees in cruise liners for travelling and you would be doing for free because of your merchant navy job.

Exposure of other Cultures

You come in contact with other cultures that were totally unfamiliar to you.

Meeting other people and sharing their experienced with yours is a really a great way to learn new things in your life.

Tax Benefits

Government also gives certain tax relaxation to merchant navy employees if they meet certain criteria.

They have to spend at least 6 months on duty in a vessel or ship.

Professionalism and Discipline

This is the best part of the merchant navy where you become more professional and disciplined. You need to complete your tasks at a given amount of time.

Hence it makes you more disciplined that will benefit in your future life.

Although there are many benefits in merchant navy job however it is my responsibility to tell you it™s disadvantages also.

First one is in merchant navy you need to stay away from your family for half of the year. So 6 months you are going to be in sea on the ship.

Then, staying on the ship for such a long time might give you sea sickness because of the climate.

Moreover, in today™s world you have to face sea pirates. As you know pirates hijack ships and demand for ransom.

Therefore these are some disadvantages of a merchant navy job.

Finally, I recommend you merchant job is good for you when you are young. Once you have made enough money then you could change your job and do something which is comforting to you.

It is up to you to make a final call.

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