Entry Level Jobs Hunting:Avoid Online Scams and Fake Ads

With countless laid off employees leaving no stone unturned looking for work, shady business’s and downright scammers have been having a field day exploiting the job hungry. You can end up having your identity stolen, having money ripped out of your bank account or just getting your hopes dashed and wasting a massive amount of time! Observing small trends in online entry level job postings will save you a lot of this grief and make you more efficient at using the internet to find employment.

Small companies who are just starting up will post fake entry level job ads. This might seem unnecessary and even wasteful on the company’s part because they post these ads on free and pay job listing sites, wasting time and money. A company does gain some benefits from this however, as a company that is listing lots of good jobs is thought of as expanding and doing well, influencing potential investors and the general job hunting public. Unscrupulous companies will post entry level job ads over and over to give this appearance to their operation while wasting your time. You might recognize these listings if they appear over and over again and are just slightly too good to be true.

Con artists have been using internet entry level job posting schemes quite ingeniously. If you see a job that you think is right for you on a website and send in your resume and you receive a request for a “sample” to be made of your services, you are probably being scammed. They might ask you for an article on their products or a web site layout. companies that do this will take your hard work and run. This is a case of total labor abuse. It’s okay to take tests or qualification exams at respected companies but watch for entry level job postings that ask for free samples of your hard work.

Be on the lookout for any listing that requires a credit card. Mostly people with little internet experience fall for these scams. You should be being paid to work for a company you should never have to give your credit card number out to any employer online or off. This might come in the form of an online mystery shopping job. Don’t be fooled, People have had their bank accounts emptied because they fell for similar schemes.