Internet Job Scams

In our current market, with soaring unemployment rates and nonexistent job markets, people are scrambling for ways to make a living. Unfortunately, there are people counting on this and using it to their own benefit. I’m talking about the internet scams that take money and promise a work-at-home job.

Make Money Taking Surveys, Data Entry from Home , Money Making Opportunities–they all guarantee that you will make money: “$195 a day” or the “Find out how to make $40,000.00 a Month!” All of them have one thing in common: a little “*” with a teeny-tiny footnote that says “results not typical” or “income not guaranteed”. However, they will happily take your money while you figure out that the internet is flooded with hundreds of other people all looking for that same work-at-home position to make money. They rake in money while people, often out of desperation, fork over their hard-earned cash to find out they can’t make a dime without spending more money.
These sites are taking advantage of people. The bottom line: if you have to pay a website to find a job, you are probably getting scammed. Now I use the word “probably” because there are a few membership sites that ask for small amounts of money to fund their research, web-site and -hosting, etc. Sites like this are legitimate, but few and far between. Don’t be discouraged, though. There are some sites out there that are watching for these and posting the scams as they are found. A free one is: Scammer-Alert ; A membership one is: Karen’s Scam Search. These are just two examples that I have checked out. Although the free one found that a company was legit, while the membership site found the same company to be a scam.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself while trying to make money online: 1) Don’t guess. Check the business out. Look in the Better Business Bureau, and pay attention to the rating. 2) Really read about the opportunity. If it is talking about Data Entry with no experience, it is most likely using affiliate programs. These are free to sign up for and can be found by simply searching for “Affiliate Programs”. 3) If the website is talking about using Adsense to advertise and be paid by the clicks, then set up your own Google Adsense account (free) and post the ads on your own site, blog, etc. 4) You can often research and find money-making opportunities on your own, rather than paying for someone’s out-of-date methods–there is a reason they aren’t doing that job anymore and are selling the “opportunity” instead.