College Students and Internet Online Jobs: Helpful or Harmful?

Small dorm rooms, difficult classes and the daunting lack of funds sums up the life of a college student. Yet, to most these are the glory days when one is at the peak of their life. But how could this be, college students can’t afford to eat properly nor do they really have time to exercise regularly.
Studies done at the University of New Hampshire contraindicate all that was once thought about the college student. UNH has shown that college students, ages 18-24, are facing many health issues including obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. In fact the UNH study found that the majority of students, 95% of women and 82% of men, are not meeting nutrient recommendations (ScienceDaily, 2007).Should this really be as surprising as UNH makes it out to be, we are living in a fast paced society where fast food is the norm.

Unless you were the student who arrived at their first day driving the sleek black sports car then money is at the center of most dilemmas. So the newspaper classifieds and the state employment agency are frequent stops. However, some opt for what could be called a less stressful and manageable job.

online jobs on internet are tempting for everyone especially those whose schedules are decided for them, money is tight and work ethic might be stretched to its limits. Although internet online jobs offer many that are scams there are a significant number of them that are legitimate jobs that could make a person some extra cash. But are they as helpful to students as they would like them to be.

Based on a national study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on average over 30% of the nations people are over weight. With an on-line job a college student doesn’t have to abide by any dress codes has the most flexible hours (ones he/she makes themselves) and can work from the comfort of the couch via a laptop.

Because of the lack of cash flow and the disclaimer of the on-line employers to only help lessen the strain of financial stresses college students continue to eat unhealthily and are robbed of their much needed physical activity. For students with working online jobs noticing the slowed change of pace is welcomed but the repercussions aren’t always seen.

Thanks to the study done by UNH the individuals who were involved were given the shock factored needed to spur them into action. With work UNH hopes to help educate their students and other colleges to this rising danger and work out a plan of action that will work with students to give them healthier lifestyles.

Online jobs on internet are not without their benefits so discouraging student from seeking out credible employers is not in question but student should be educated on the risks of the lifestyle they are leading and given opportunities to eat right and exercise regularly.