Make Good Money Doing Online Jobs: Stop Commuting, Work from Home

We all know how high the price of gasoline for our cars has gone. Many people are looking for ways to make their commute cheaper before it eats up their entire pay check. The best way to reduce the cost of commuting is simple, stop commuting.

It is possible to stop commuting and still be employed. There is a growing trend in business to hire work at home employees and it’s not just high tech companies. It benefits both the company and the employee. The business benefits by reducing the overhead involved in having a facility large enough to accommodate all of it’s employees. If they have fewer employees on site then they need a smaller facility. The employees benefit by not having the expense of gas and wear on their car from commuting. They also realize a bonus of more free time since they are not spending hours driving to work each week.

There are many scams out there that promise to make money doing online jobs but only take your money. There’s a very simple way to avoid them, never pay for a job lead. If someone wants you to pay to join their site or program for job leads, run the other way. They will only be offering you job leads that can be found elsewhere for free. The legitimate online jobs working sites are free to everyone. Another bonus of the legitimate sites is that they almost all involve a thriving forum full of people who already work from home and are willing to help you. Join the forums and participate and you will benefit from the experience of others.

The list of companies hiring at home employees is large but here’s a few that I’m sure you will recognize. They include Hilton, UHaul, 1800flowers, Harry and David, Embarq and Home Shopping Network. There are also a number of companies that exist specifically to hire and train workers and then contract them out to other companies. Arise and West are two companies that do this. They have contracts with major companies like Disney and Carnival Cruise lines and it’s Arise’s or West’s employees who answer the calls for Disney or Carnival from the comfort of their own home.

While I’ve talked about telephone jobs so far, there are other jobs out there too. They are not as plentiful but they do exist. BzzAgent hires people to review reports submitted by it’s force of BzzAgents. There is a growing trend of people powered search engines like Mahalo that hire people to do research on topics. There are also texting jobs, however, many of these include adult content.

The market and online job opportunities are growing every day. Get on line and do your homework and you can stop commuting.