Money Can Be Made on the Internet: But Not with Surveys

With today’s prices soaring in leaps and bounds, I turned to the Internet in search of a means to make some extra money online. Here it is 2 years later and I have yet to find a legitimate way to make a few extra dollars.

It is posted all over the Internet, get paid $15 to $50 dollars for your opinion. Earn $1000’s of dollars a week for completing online paid surveys! I have joined 50+ of these survey companies and have not, to this day, earned 1 red cent.

The majority of these companies require you to complete offers from partner sites, to try their services or products, for a fee, using your credit card. Then, they in turn pay you for trying this service or product. I joined these survey sites to make money, not spend it!
You can participate in their free offers and you may make $15 or $20 dollars but once you complete all the free offers they have, that is it. No new offers. You must have accrued a certain amount of money in your account with the survey company before you may request payment. However, any amount that you may make with the free offers will not add up to that set amount.

You may, on occasion, get a paid survey in your email in box, but the pay out for completion is not $15 or more. It is usually .50 – $2 or an entry into their latest sweep stake. But before you can complete said survey you must first qualify. You are asked several questions that will take from 5 to 10 minutes to answer, only to find out that you do not fit their criteria.

Another service that a lot of these survey companies offer you to participate in are paid emails. You will receive approximately 3 or 4 emails per day and you are compensated .01 for each email that you read. However, you usually have to complete the offer that is in the email before receiving your .01 credit.
I cannot in all honesty say that ALL paid survey sites are scams and rip-offs. But from my experience in the past 2 years, I have yet to find one that will actually pay you for the time that you invest. The only thing that you accomplish, is to help the survey company line their pocket with the cash you, are seeking to earn.