10 Best Job Opportunities for 10+2 Failures and College Drop-Outs

NOT all of you will become doctors, engineers or lawyers. There are some students who are not able to perform well in their academics. This blog post is dedicated to those students who have failed in 10+2 or they are college drop-outs.10+2 Failures Jobs

There are number of job opportunities for such students. They do not need to get disheartened because of their poor academic performance. Today even a 10+2 failure or a college dropout could a find a job which can pay handsomely.

So, if you are such students then I have jot down a list of 10 best job opportunities. You can choose anyone of them and start working if you do NOT want to continue your studies.

Here are they.

1. Starting Your Own Business
Although this not a job but still if you do not want to study further then the best job to start is your own business. You could start a small size business with the help of your parents.

I have seen many students who are 10+2 failures or college dropouts starting their own business. It will obviously need some money that you can ask or borrow from your parents.

There are some small businesses that you can plan to start on your own. They are

Provision Store
Tea or Coffee Stall with Paan or Cigarettes.
Bakery or Condiment Shop etc.
Job Description: Your Own Business
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 18 years to 27 years, any age
Skills: Good Communication Skills
Salary: Rs 10,000/- to Rs 50,000/-
2. Sales Representative
Next job that a 10+2 or intermediate failure could try is sales representative. It is very easy to do and normally companies who recruit sales representative do ask for any educational qualification.

In this job you have to sell products to customers. Now selling could be door to door where you have to customers door step and sell the given product.

Companies like Reliance, Airtel, McDonalds etc always requires sales representative.

This job opportunity is always available and you can get it in any season. So boy or a girl you can give a try for sales representative job.

Job Description: Sales Representative
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 17 years to 27 years
Skills: Selling Products
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 20,000/-
3. Data Entry Operator
Among many job opportunities data entry operator is also one. This job suits for college dropouts the most. Even 10+2 failures could also give a try but college dropouts would be appropriate candidates for this job.

You can easily become a data entry operator if there is a demand or recruitment going on. Many small and medium size companies need data entry operator.

The only skill you need here is good typing speed. You must be able to type 40 to 50 words per minute. If you do not have then you can practice on computer and you will learn in few weeks.

Job Description: Data Entry Operator
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 18 years to 28 years
Skills: Writing Speed of 40 – 50 Words Per Minute
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 120,00/-
4. Call Centre
Now call center job is also good for both 10+2 as well as college dropouts. If you want to apply for local call centers then 10+2 failures could apply. Here you need to talk in local language of the state.

But for international call centers you must have 10+2 so it suits college dropouts. Here they would not ask your educational qualification but they would look to your good English speaking skills.

Because of outsourcing call center jobs are also available in abundance. You can walk give an interview.

Job Description: Customer Support
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 18 years to 29 years
Skills: Talking and Communication Skills
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 35,000/-
5. Network Marketer
Network marketer is another form of marketing. Basically it is like marketing but here you have to build a team under you. You might have heard about the companies like Amway.

Here, first you have to become a member of larger network then you have to get in more members under you. As your members grow you make more money.

So 10+2 failures or college dropouts could also start this job. You need to pay some amount to become a member. With some experience you can more money.

Job Description: Network Marketer
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 17 years to 28 years
Skills: Building Network and Leadership Quality
Salary: Rs 10,000/- to Rs 50,000/-
6. Mail Posting Jobs
Mail posting jobs are another great job opportunities for 10+2 failures and college dropouts. In fact, this job is not just for them but women and housewives could also start it.

This is because it is a home based job. Here you have to post letters that could be pamphlet or brochures that is going to promote someone else business.

This job needs some basic investment in stationery like envelope, creating letters and posting expenditure. Here also you have to register for a company.

This type of job is for 10+2 failures, college dropouts and housewives.

Job Description: Mail Posting
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: No Age
Skills: Posting and Creating Good Letters
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 40,000/-
7. Indian Army and BSF Jawan
Although these job opportunities like India Army or BSF Jawan comes under defense sector but if you like then you can also apply. It is very tough job and requires physical fitness.

You must prepare for transfers in remote areas of the country. This job is best for 10+2 failures; college dropouts could avoid this job. You can check our defense job category for latest openings in Indian army.

Job Description: Indian Army or BSF Jawan
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: 17 years to 24 years
Skills: Strong Physical Body
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 120, 00/- Plus DA/TA
8. Blogging
Job opportunities are blogging and in coming paragraph Online jobs are bit different than the rest of the jobs. Blogging is an online job.

Although blogging also do not require any educational qualification and even a child could start blogging.

But here you need to have passion for writing and creating things. So a 10+2 failure or college dropouts can apply for blogging but you must have some intellectual level.

Job Description: Blogging
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: No Age
Skills: Writing
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 20,0000/-
9. Online Jobs
Like blogging there are many jobs available online. These jobs do not require any educational background and 10+2 failures or college dropouts could easily apply for it.

However, you need to spend some time on Internet and need to know more about this.

Job Description: Online Jobs
Eligibility: 10+2 Fail or College Dropouts
Age: No Age
Skills: Computers and Internet
Salary: Rs 7,000/- to Rs 100,000/-
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